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    combat ageing with a strong core
    can you afford only 10 minutes a day?

    Your most important bodypart to take care of as you age

    • Turn Your Midsection from Flabby to Rock-Hard

    • Get results within 100 days or your money back

    • 10 minutes, 3 times a week from home

    • Made for all men, no matter your strength or experience


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    100-day results guarantee - Get in shape or all your money back

    The 10-minute workout you’ll actually stick to

    Your core is the most important muscle group to take care of as you age...

    Not only for appearance, but for reducing injuries,  and having a strong connection between your lower and upper body.

    It's called "the core" for a reason. It's holding your entire upper body upright. It's the part of us that needs the most maintenance. Unfortunately, this is ignored by many. 
    And if you currently don't have a strength routine, this is crucial.

    Can you afford only 10 minutes, three times a day, to strengthen your most important body part?

    This workout program suits any grown man wanting to improve their body and health. No matter your busy lifestyle, strength level or previous experience. 

    combat ageing with a stronger core


    You see,

    Most men above the age of 50 don’t work out their core. This can lead to back pain, injuries, and overall weakness and fragility...

    Your core is the main structure that holds your upper body. It's literally the core of your entire frame.

    A strong core helps maintain proper spine alignment, reducing the strain on your back muscles and promoting better posture.

    And... of course, it certainly looks a lot better when you've got a developed midsection.

    Say hello to a rock-hard midsection

    Tired of staring at your flabby midsection in the mirror?

    Feeling like your gut in bulging out?

    In many cases, it's a cause of weak muscles around your core.

    The CoreBuilder Smart Ab Trainer might be your savior!

    Say goodbye to those love handles and hello to a strong core and sculpted, six-pack abs. 

    Don't let the feeling of “I’m not looking good enough” stop you from feeling like the confident man you truly are.

    Invest in the CoreBuilder Home Ab Trainer and start your journey to a stronger, fitter, and healthier you!

    Finally, new technology makes ab rollingaccessible for anyone

    The CoreBuilder suits any man at any age, no matter your strength or experience. 

    Why? The Smart AI chip create the perfect resistance for your specific strength - making every workout just hard enough to yield the best results in less time. 

    It helps you in the movement and adds/removes assistance after your needs.

    The LED screen tracks your workouts and makes the included workout program easy to follow. You’ll see your progress, calories burned, and times spent.

    Stop wasting your efforts on ineffective methods. Choose the CoreBuilder Home Ab Trainer and unleash the true potential of your core muscles.

    Activate your CoreBuilder

    Turn on the power button to bring your CoreBuilder to life. Charger is included.

    Effortless setup

    Seamlessly switch between beginner and professional modes by using the power button. Adjust the intensity according to your fitness level and gradually challenge yourself as you progress.

    Enjoy the workout!

    Hold the CoreBuilder handles with your hands shoulder-width apart. Roll Forward Slowly by pushing the CoreBuilder away from you, feeling a stretch in your abs. Gently pull the CoreBuilder back toward your knees, controlling the movement.

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