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    combat aging with a strong core
    10 Minutes to better abs

    key benefits to a strong coRE

    • Boosts Stability and Balance

    • Improves Posture

    • Enhances Athleticism

    • Lowers Injury Risk

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    A strong core is like a superpower.

    The muscles in your core support everything you do. 

    Being strong across those muscles makes everything easier. 

    Stronger at the gym. Stronger in life. Pain-free in everything.  

    The good news? 

    A strong, reliable ( and attractive ) core can be yours in only 10 minutes a day.

    introducing the fastest Way to a stronger core ( and rock-hard abs )

    The CoreBuilder Pro is the best ab workout ever developed.  

    Custom-engineered to work all the muscles across your core. 

    In record time, no matter your level of fitness. 

    It’s the single piece of equipment you need to build a strong midsection

    Anytime. Anywhere. 

    Say hello to a rock-hard midsection

    Looking fit is defined by rock-hard abs and a tapered waist.

    Think Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Ryan Reynolds in…anything. 

    That lean, hard, slim look is what happens with a strong core. 

    Say goodbye to love handles and hello to a sculpted midsection.

    technology to get you a Stronger core, faster

    CoreBuilder: For Every Man, Any Age. Strength, experience? Doesn't matter.

    Smart AI Chip. Tailors resistance. Your strength, our tech. Optimal workouts, minimal time.

    Assist as Needed. Adds or removes help—customized support.

    LED Tracker. Monitor progress. Calories time, all displayed. Easy-to-follow program.

    Ditch Ineffective Methods. Embrace CoreBuilder. Maximize your core's potential.

    Activate your CoreBuilder

    Turn on the power button to bring your CoreBuilder to life. 

    Effortless setup

    Seamlessly switch between beginner and expert modes. Adjust the intensity according to your fitness level and add difficulty as you progress.

    Enjoy the workout!

    Hold the CoreBuilder handles with your hands shoulder-width apart. Roll Forward Slowly by pushing the CoreBuilder away from you. Gently pull the CoreBuilder back toward your knees, controlling the movement.

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